Ready-to-use Glaze and Engob compounds

Considering KimiaRazi high quality frits and raw and primary materials, it is one of the biggest Engob and glaze producers in Iran. Its experts design glaze and engob compounds on each customer order and request individually. The products include matt glaze in various surface effects appropriated to these kind of glazes, different types of engob with wide range of expansion coefficient and firing temperature are used for wall, monoporosa, floor, porselain tiles and many kinds of transparent and opaque glaze.

KimiaRazi Ltd. has been glaze supplier of the reputable tile and ceramic producers in Iran.

KimiaRazi Engob

Engob Compounds

KimiaRazi Matt Compound Glaze

Matt Glaze

KimiaRazi Opaque Glaze

Transparent and Opaque Glaze

Lots of superior tile and ceramic producers are KimiaRazi glaze customers.

  • The ready-to-use engob and glaze compounds are produced fully automatically, with no possibility of personnel mistake in weighing and mixing the compounds.
  • KimiaRazi uses high quality and variable raw and primary materials in producing glaze and engob compounds.
  • As KimiaRazi experts are responsible for formulating the glazes, therefore the quality of the ready-in-use formulated engob and glaze compounds are so high.
  • If the tile and ceramic producers purchase ready-to-use compounds, they will not need to store raw and primary materials for producing compounds,.
  • KimiaRazi will be responsible for sorting out any problem occurs. The customer just deals with one supplier.
  • KimiaRazi provides extra consultancy services in case of raising any problem.
  • Eventually, customers improve the quality of products for mentioned reasons.

KimiaRazi recommeds using ready-to-use compounds.