KimiaRazi engineering section provides customer services to tile and ceramic producers in both ceramic and digital printing Ink.

In order to achieving the best co-operation way and long-term success in the mutually interested projects it keeps a close and good relation with its customers. Providing engineering customer service is one of its basic principles.

KimiaRazi offers necessary technical support and know-how to the customers to improve the quality of the products, and keeps the close and good relation with the customers to provide the best solution for each problem to reach the satisfying result with particular condition for each customer. The company’s objective is mutually developing the products from designing to production. The comprehensive services was provided for each customer individually, allocated the particular conditions of that company and its market.

  • Designing and production

    The company is prepared to design and customize any kinds of glaze - frit, compound, powder, etc. – exclusively to the customer in full agreement with its producing process conditions and will test it on the customer’s product line to develop the best and most suitable formulae to achieve the satisfying end product.

  • The experts are available for professional consultation and advice for solving problems and improving the quality of Tile and Ceramic productions.

    KimiaRazi undertakes to secure the customers’ superior quality products, therefore it gives its customers all-out-support by offering high quality products and giving advice for solving production problems and adapting methods and ways suitable for their production line.

  • KimiaRazi experts help with any industrial and laboratory tests

    The experienced experts are ready for any industrial and laboratory tests of any kinds of tile glaze to offer the best quality product to its customers.

  • The adaptation of the customers desired design to our inks.

    For those customers who put designs in market which made by other producers, KimiaRazi experts can produce inks exactly adopted to the previous ones in design and color and the customers should not be worried about the color match at all.

  • Creation and correction of color profile

    KimiaRazi can create a profile on customer request match up with all body, engob, glaze, firing and etc. conditions applying the latest equipment and soft wares in the world as soon as possible.