Printing powder

KimiaRazi Printing powders

The quality of printing powder plays a significant role in quality of designs on the body and rotocolor print machines life. We should apply the most matched printing powder and the suitable good quality color as well to achieve the highest quality and stability.

KimiaRazi makes printing powders with the latest and advanced technology and machinery to provide high quality and stability come to customers’ expectations.

The printing powders from a variety kinds allow the company to meet all variable needs of the market. The company’s experts with lots of years of practical experience in designing different kinds of printing powder for rotocolor prints, design the best and most suitable formula for the customer.

KimiaRazi Transparent Printing Powder

Transparent Printing Powder

KimiaRazi Matt Printing Powder

Matt Printing Powder

KimiaRazi Opaque Printing Powder

Opaque Printing Powder

KimiaRazi Reactive Powder

Re-active Printing Powder

KimiaRazi Luster Powder

Luster Printing Powder