KimiaRazi was founded in the late 1360 (1981) in Alborz industrial city, Qazvin, Iran. The company included two independent factories on the land about 18 hectare (44.5 acres) in extent. The head office based in Tehran. It is the main and biggest ceramic glaze producer in Iran. It started manufacturing 4,000 tons a year which has increased to 80,000 tons a year at least. Based on its shareholders policy, keeping the company up to date and developing, KimiaRazi has expanded its activities through following stages:

  • Kimiarazi History 1360

    1981- The Beginning

    1981- It started up in Alborz industrial city, Qazvin.

  • Kimiarazi History 1378

    1999 – Installation, running and started operating the first continuous kiln.

    KimiaRazi used continuous kiln which was the most modern global technology to enhance and maintain the quality.

  • Kimiarazi History 1381

    2002- Developed and up to dated the powder production unit.

    Although KimiaRazi had produced the powder since the factory establishment, the Gate Dryer launched in 2002 to enhance the quality of the product.

  • Kimiarazi History 1382

    2003- The primary and raw material processing unit started.

    The processing mineral raw materials initiated to assure maintain of quality of raw mineral materials have been consumed in production line.

  • Kimiarazi History 1380

    2004- Producing of Luster printing powder was started.

    KimiaRazi started producing variety of Luster printing powder to satisfy customers’ needs.

  • Kimiarazi History 1384

    2005 – The product line of Vitrosa came into operation

    The production of different kinds of Vitrosa started up applying the newest equipment and technology.

  • Kimiarazi History 1392

    2013 – Digital printing Ink production.

    The laboratory and complete circle of production of Digital printing Ink was set up and introduced KimiaRazi as the first producer of the product in Iran.

  • Kimiarazi History 1394

    2016 – Zinc oxide production unit

    The product line of zinc oxide, one of the main, basic and effective material on quality of the products.