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  • The First and Biggest producer of
    ceramic glazes and inks in Iran.

  • The most Diverse and Modern products
    in Iran's ceramic glaze industry.

Our Policy

KimiaRazi is the first and largest Ceramic glaze and Digital printing Ink manufacturer in Iran. It applies new technology and experienced proficient human resource to improve the quality of its products to fulfill its commitments to satisfy the customers’ requirements. KimiaRazi commits to constant improving of production process based on its capabilities. Therefore, it has adopted a strict policy offers superior and improving quality.

  • Meeting customers’ requirements and needs of high quality products, due to their expectations and mutual agreement, with fully understanding them.
  • Expanding research and development work based on company’s capabilities to strengthen their competitive advantages, stay active and dominating presence in the market, adopt approaches to achieving economical products, and applying modern technology.
  • Improving human resources as the most valuable investment resource by constant training, close co-operation in improvement of production process, taking their useful practical suggestions into consideration, and recruiting experienced and expert workforce as well.
  • An efficient connection with raw and primary materials suppliers to supply the factory’s required materials on demand, at the proper time and soon enough.



KimiaRazi, with more than 30 year experience, is one of the oldest and biggest producers of frit and ceramic glaze in Iran.


KimiaRazi apply the latest, most modern and advanced technology and equipment for designing and producing its products.


Many reputable, successful and big Tile and Ceramic producers use KimiaRazi products.


We are always in a close relation to the customers to achieve the best end product.